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0.44 lb

Texas Creeper by Spicy Cabarello Seasonings is a fiery-mouthed, full-flavored, all-purpose seasoning blend created with heat lovers in mind. The heat comes courtesy of a blend of peppers ranging between 8,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and 2.4 Million SHU, making Texas Creeper one of the hottest all purpose seasoning blends on the market, without using any extracts or heat inducing additives. Texas Creeper can be used as a base seasoning (if you dare), mixed into a marinade, used as a finishing spice, or in place of your favorite hot sauce. This is a seasonal blend and is only released in small quantities when fresh superhot peppers are available or when our home pepper garden is producing. This blend is sugar free.

Mike's note: This is by far, my most favorite ever seasoning ever! I seriously put it on everything!

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